Leif (Existence Trilogy #2.5)

Leif (Existence Trilogy #2.5)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 10:46:06 12/08/2022

Description "Leif (Existence Trilogy #2.5)"

1. Death was talking her It was time. I’d let her grow up normally. I’d stood back and protected her and guided her silently. Now, it was time I made her mine. The soul that the Creator had made to be her mate was gone. He’d moved away. My path was clear. Finally. I’d been waiting a lifetime for her. I ignored the jealous glare from Kendra. She was annoying me lately. Once she’d been a good side distraction. Father had sent her to me as a form of entertainment. There were times she’d been useful but those days were over. Kendra knew her fun had come to an end. I needed to talk to Father about removing her if she was going to cause problems. Nothing was going to stand in my way now. I sat down in the empty seat beside Pagan. The excuse to be near her had been rehearsed in my head for over a year, when I’d started planning a way to ease into her life. She didn’t like me much. Once this amused me but now it worried me. I needed her to like me. She was my world. She always had been. “Hey, Pagan, Mr. Yorkley said I needed to come talk to you.” Pagan stared at me wide eyed. The shock in her expression was adorable. I’d been waiting to finally speak to her knowing that this time,