Lucky Starr And The Rings Of Saturn Preface (Lucky Starr #6)

Lucky Starr And The Rings Of Saturn Preface (Lucky Starr #6)


Genres: Science Fiction

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Description "Lucky Starr And The Rings Of Saturn Preface (Lucky Starr #6)"

To the memory of Henry Kuttner and Cyril Kombluth Preface Back in the 1950s, I wrote a series of six derring-do novels about David "Lucky" Starr and his battles against malefactors within the Solar System. Each of the six took place in a different region of the system, and in each case I made use of the astronomical facts-as they were then known. Now, a quarter-century later, Fawcett is bringing out the novels in new editions; but what a quarter-century it has been! More has been learned about the worlds of our Solar System hi this last quarter-century than in all the thousands of years that went before. LUCKY STARR AND THE RINGS OF SATURN was written in 1957, but in 1967, a French astronomer, Audouin Dollfus, discovered a tenth satellite of Saturn, one that was closer to the planet than any of the others, 22,000 miles closer to Saturn than Mimas is. This new satellite has been named Janus. If I were writing the book today, I would certainly mention that satellite and I might have used it instead of Mimas. Moreover, it was not until 1977 that astronomers discovered that Saturn was not the only ringed planet. Uranus, it turns out, also has rings. They are very thin rings and very faint ones-but they're there. I would surely have mentioned that in this book if I were writing it today. I hope my Gentle Readers enjoy the book anyway, as