Magic Burns Chapter 1 (Kate Daniels #2)

Magic Burns Chapter 1 (Kate Daniels #2)


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Updated date: 02:57:36 10/08/2022

Description "Magic Burns Chapter 1 (Kate Daniels #2)"

THE PHONE RANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. THE magic wave was in full swing, and the phone shouldn't have worked, but it rang anyway, again and again, outraged over being ignored, until finally I reached over and picked it up. "Yehmmm?" "Rise and shine, Kate." The smooth cultured voice on the line suggested a slender, elegant, handsome man, all things that Jim was not. At least not in his human shape. I clawed my eyes open long enough to glance at the windup clock across the room. "Two in the morning. Some of us sleep during the night." "I've got a gig," Jim said. I sat up in the bed, wide-awake. A gig was good - I needed the money. "Half." "Third." "Half." "Thirty-five percent." Jim's voice hardened. "Half." The phone went silent as my former Guild partner mulled it over. "Okay, forty." I hung up. The bedroom lay quiet. My curtains were open and moonlight sifted into the room through the metal grate shielding the window. The moonlight acted as a catalyst and the metal bars glowed with a weak bluish patina where the silver in the alloy interacted with the ward spell. Beyond the bars, Atlanta slept like some hulking beast of legend, dark and deceptively peaceful. When the