Making Money Chapter 1 (Discworld #36)

Making Money Chapter 1 (Discworld #36)


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Updated date: 00:23:25 10/08/2022

Description "Making Money Chapter 1 (Discworld #36)"

Waiting in darkness  -  A bargain sealed  -  The hanging man  -  Golem with a blue dress  -  Crime and punishment  -  A chance to make real money  -  The chain of gold-ish  -  No unkindness to bears  -  Mr Bent keeps time THEY LAY IN THE DARK, guarding. There was no way of measuring the passage of time, nor any inclination to measure it. There was a time when they had not been here, and there would be a time, presumably, when they would, once more, not be here. They would be somewhere else. This time in between was immaterial. But some had shattered and some, the younger ones, had gone silent. The weight was increasing. Something must be done. One of them raised his mind in song. It was a hard bargain, but hard on whom? That was the question. And Mr Blister the lawyer wasn't getting an answer. He would have liked an answer. When parties are interested in unprepossessing land, it might pay for smaller parties to buy up any neighbouring plots, just in case the party of the first part had heard something, possibly at a party. But it was hard to see what there was to know. He gave the woman on the other side of his desk a suitably concerned smile. 'You understand, Miss Dearheart, that this area is subject to dwarf mining law? That means all metals and metal ore are owned by the Low King of the dwarfs. You will have to pay him a considerable royalty