Nauti Deceptions (Nauti #5)

Nauti Deceptions (Nauti #5)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:09:57 12/08/2022

Description "Nauti Deceptions (Nauti #5)"

PROLOGUE Four years ago Now, how had she known the day was just going tosuck? Caitlyn Lena Rogue Walker watched as Principal Thompson entered the classroom after her freshmen students had left for the day. Hot on his heels were the self- righteous Nadine Grace and her bully of a brother, Dayle Mackay. She knew what was coming. Somehow they’d found a way to punish her for coming to a student’s defense the month before. She had been waiting for the shoe to drop, and she had a feeling that when it fell, it was going to be an earthquake in her little life. At least she didn’t have to worry about it happening any longer. Maybe she should have heeded her father’s advice about coming here to his hometown to teach. He had wanted her to stay in Boston; he’d wanted her to be a lawyer rather than a teacher. Or better yet, the wife of a lawyer. Being a lawyer or the wife of a lawyer didn’t suit Caitlyn Rogue though. Neither did the name Lena—her friends and family knew better than to call her Lena if they wanted her to respond. She wanted to teach, and she wanted to teach in the picturesque little town her father had told her so many tales of. Perhaps she should have heeded the tales he had told her of Dayle