Nauti Kisses (Nauti #6)

Nauti Kisses (Nauti #6)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:08:28 12/08/2022

Description "Nauti Kisses (Nauti #6)"

PROLOGUE There were times in a man’s life that remained indelibly imprinted on his brain for one reason or another. Events that threw open the window to a dark, shadowed corner of his soul and revealed truths he’d search for within himself all his life. That day had come for John Calvin Walker Jr. He’d awakened that morning with the knowledge that life no longer held challenge. He had a job that he was too successful at in his father’s law firm. His fiancée was the perfect socialite, an exquisite hostess, and also considered one of Boston’s most beautiful and successful female lawyers. She was about as emotional, compassionate, and passionate as a lump of clay, though. According to his fiancée, he needed to find a hobby to replace his overly sexed inclinations. This coming from the woman who had spent the better part of the first month they were together exhausting him in his bed. The passion had waned, slowly at first, until now, six months later, she thought he needed a hobby instead. His life had gone to hell. Or perhaps, he was only now realizing that his life could be so much more. What, he hadn’t decided yet. How to deal with the complications, he hadn’t decided yet. One thing was certain, the restlessness inside him was growing to the point that it was becoming an ache.