Navy Woman (Navy #4)

Navy Woman (Navy #4)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

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Description "Navy Woman (Navy #4)"

Chapter One Rain. That's all it had done from the moment Lieutenant Commander Catherine Fredrickson, Judge Advocate General Corps—JAGC—arrived at the Naval Submarine Base Bangor in Silverdale, Washington. October in Hawaii meant balmy ocean breezes, mai tais by the pool and eighty-degree sunshine. In other words she'd left paradise and had been transferred to purgatory. If the weather wasn't enough to discourage her, the executive officer, Commander Royce Nyland was. Catherine had never met anyone who irritated her more. The legal staff stationed in Hawaii had shared a camaraderie that made working together a pleasant experience. Bangor was a different story, but the contrast was most telling in the differences between Catherine's two superiors. She simply didn't like the man, and from all outward appearances the feeling was mutual. From the first, Catherine knew something wasn't right. In no other station had she been required to stand duty so often. For four weeks straight she'd been assigned the twenty-four-hour watch on a Friday night. It was as if Commander Nyland had made it his personal goal to disrupt her entire life. After a month, Catherine was getting downright testy about it. "Fredrickson, do you have the files on the Miller case?" "Yes, sir." She stood, reached for the requested file and handed it to the man who'd been dominating her thoughts for the majority