Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter 1 (Nightcreature #1)

Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter 1 (Nightcreature #1)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 20:48:03 09/08/2022

Description "Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter 1 (Nightcreature #1)"

  The summer I discovered the world was not black-and-white -  the way I liked it -  but a host of annoying shades of gray was the summer a lot more changed than my vision. However, on the night the truth began I was still just another small-town cop -  bored, cranky, waiting, even wishing, for something to happen. I learned never to be so open-ended in my wishes again. The car radio crackled. "Three Adam One, what's your ten-twenty?" "I'm watching the corn grow on the east side of town." I waited for the imminent spatter of profanity from the dispatcher on duty. I wasn't disappointed. "You'd think it was a goddamned full moon. I swear those things bring out every nut cake in three counties." My lips twitched. Zelda Hupmen was seventy-five if she was a day. A hard-drinking, chain-smoking throwback to the good times when such a lifestyle was commonplace and the fact it would kill you still a mystery. Obviously Zelda had yet to hear the scientific findings, since she was going to outlive everyone by smoking unfiltered Camels and drinking Jim Beam for breakfast. "Maybe the crazies are just gearing up for the blue moon we've got coming." "What in living hell is a blue moon?" The reason Zee was still working third