No Control (Delta Force #2)

No Control (Delta Force #2)


Genres: MysteryRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 07:03:07 12/08/2022

Description "No Control (Delta Force #2)"

PROLOGUE Armenia Lana Hancock prayed for a swift death. The hood over her head made it hard to breathe, as did the smel of her friends’ bodies. Through a tiny slit in her hood that her captors didn’t know was there, she could see Bethany’s lifeless eyes staring at her. Lana tried to turn away, but even the smalest movement sent pain screaming through her broken limbs. The man who had broken them, Boris, came back into the cave, and she knew this was the end. Whatever her abductors told Boris to do, he did. She’d heard them order him to kil her right before they left, and she’d been lying here, waiting for the end, for what seemed like days. She was going to miss her family. Her friends. Her fiancé. She wanted to see her nephew grow up and spoil him with loud presents that would drive her sister crazy. The little drum set Lana had bought him for his birthday was tucked in her closet. She hoped they’d find it and give it to him when her family cleaned out her apartment. Boris puled out his gun and crossed the dusty cave to where Lana lay. He was a skinny man with bright blue eyes and dimples that made her stomach turn. A sadistic kiler shouldn’t have dimples. His booted feet stopped only inches