No Escape (Delta Force #3)

No Escape (Delta Force #3)


Genres: MysteryRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 07:00:16 12/08/2022

Description "No Escape (Delta Force #3)"

PROLOGUE Beverly Sinclair had finally done it. After years of working to get her life on track, she finally had a decent job, a great husband, and the smartest, most beautiful baby boy ever born. He was only three weeks old, but she was certain he was destined for great things. She could hardly wait to show Cory off to her friend Isabelle. The doorbell rang five minutes early, but that was just like Isabelle. She was never late a day in her life. Beverly rushed to the door, filled with a proud, maternal excitement she’d never known existed before Cory was born. Isabelle was going to love him. She swung the heavy wooden door open, wearing a welcoming smile. A masked man rushed forward, pushing her inside before she had time to react. His weight slammed into her, knocking her against the wall. Shock jolted through her, making it hard to breathe. A scream formed in her mind, but that was as far as it got. Her lungs heaved, filling with air scented by a faint hint of men’s cologne. He kicked the door shut behind him with a final, sickening thud. From the nursery, Beverly heard the squeaky beginnings of her baby’s cry. She had to get Cory out of the house. Run away.