Outpost (Razorland #2)

Outpost (Razorland #2)


Genres: Young AdultScience Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 02:04:06 12/08/2022

Description "Outpost (Razorland #2)"

Nightjar I woke to the cold kiss of steel on my throat. Though I’d grown accustomed to sleeping safely since our arrival in Salvation two months ago, I’d lost none of my edge. Before my attacker realized I was awake, I knocked the knife away and tumbled him over my head. While Stalker recovered, I rolled to my feet and scowled. Momma Oaks would skin us both if she caught him in my room. People took reputations seriously, and mine was already bruised, due to my insistence on being myself. “Good work, dove.” Stalker’s grin flashed in the moonlight. “What are you doing here?” It was the middle of the night, but he loved his little tests. “We’ve got incoming. I heard the second bell.” My ire cooled. He wasn’t just checking my reflexes in spite of our precarious situation. Belonging to no one, we had to make sure we didn’t wear out our welcome or anger the townsfolk by flouting their rules. Most seemed designed to discourage unauthorized breeding, and they didn’t like it when I went off to spar with Stalker. It hadn’t taken me long to figure that I wasn’t a normal girl—at least by Salvation standards. So we trained in secret these days, no daylight matches. “Let’s have a look. Turn around.” With minimal fuss, I dressed in Huntress attire