Pleasure of a Dark Prince Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #9)

Pleasure of a Dark Prince Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #9)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 09:34:26 12/08/2022

Description "Pleasure of a Dark Prince Chapter 1 (Immortals After Dark #9)"

Prologue Thrymheim Hold, the Northlands Home of Skathi, goddess of the hunt In ages long past... Lucia the Maiden cracked open her eyes and found herself atop an altar, staring up at a furious goddess. Somehow her younger sister, Regin the Radiant, had found Skathi's temple and had brought Lucia here. From one altar to the next, she thought deliriously as her fever raged. Pain roiled inside her broken body. Her fractured limbs... never had she imagined such agony. "You deliver this into my sacred place," Skathi the Huntress of the Great North said to Regin, "and desecrate my altar? You court my wrath, young Valkyrie." Regin - all of twelve years old, with Lucia's blood covering her glowing skin - said, "What can you do? Torture my sister? Murder her? She has already survived the first and is about to succumb to the second without your aid." "I could murder both of you." In answer, Regin pursed her lips, looking as if she were sizing up Skathi's shins for a good kicking. Lucia struggled for consciousness, labored to speak. "Don't hurt her, please... my fault, my fault..." But her words were drowned out by a rumbling boom. This hold was carved into the heights of Godsbellow Mountain, shaken continually by thunder. Skathi asked Regin, "Why bring her here?" "Because you're both neighbor and nemesis to the one who did this." Had interest flickered in the