Princeps Fury PROLOGUE (Codex Alera #5)

Princeps Fury PROLOGUE (Codex Alera #5)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 11:45:48 12/08/2022

Description "Princeps Fury PROLOGUE (Codex Alera #5)"

For Shannon and JJ, who make life worth all the fuss and bother ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks to the Beta Foo Asylum inmates, who had to work fast on this one. Their help, as always, made this a much better book than it would have been if I'd been the only one looking at it. Many thanks also to my editor, Anne, who bravely smiled and told me "no pressure" as the clock was ticking down to zero, and who also had to do a whole lot of work in very little time, thanks to me. And, as always, many thanks to Shannon, JJ, and my gaming gang: Robert, Julie, Shaun, Miranda, Sarah, Lisa, Joe, Alex, and, God help him, the new guy, Jeremiah. They all had to put up with me under pressure, and did so with grace and aplomb. Or at least without murdering me, which is close. Farewell, mother Roma. The shining columns, The endless roads, The mighty legions, The peaceful fields. Born in fire, The light in darkness. Farewell, mother Roma. Never again will your sons return. �C A POEM, INSCRIBED IN STONE IN THE RUINS OF APPIA Good riddance, gluttonous whore! Victory Germania! �C AN