Private Demon (Darkyn #2)

Private Demon (Darkyn #2)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 22:09:31 09/08/2022

Description "Private Demon (Darkyn #2)"

Chapter 1 Bitch in a Lexus. Awesome. Todd Brackman watched the silver SUV swing around the corner. The lane lights reserved for account holders only had switched from green to red an hour ago, when the bank had closed, but the ATM lane's light still glowed green. Green for the green. Brackman wiped the sweat from his face onto his sleeve. Come to get me some cash. Driving into the city and setting up for this job had taken hell near forever. Brackman had put up with the sweats, shakes, and fever, watching every car, knowing it would work only one time. He'd spent half the day out of sight, hiding behind the bank's Dumpster. Now here she was. My bitch. Awesome. She wasn't actually Todd's, but he knew her sort. Beauty-parlor babe, coming home after having her nails polished. Driving too fast, yammering away on the phone as she dropped by to tap the account for more cash. Didn't this one have a phone pressed to her head and a rock on her married hand he could see even this far away? High-maintenance twat, Todd's old uncle George would have called her. All bucks, no bang. Something metal crashed into metal, making Brackman tense. The wind must have slammed shut the Dumpster lid he'd opened earlier to shade himself from the sun.