Re-Vamped! Chapter 1 (My Sister the Vampire #3)

Re-Vamped! Chapter 1 (My Sister the Vampire #3)


Genres: Fantasy

Status: Full

Updated date: 15:30:16 11/08/2022

Description "Re-Vamped! Chapter 1 (My Sister the Vampire #3)"

"Are you done yet?" Olivia Abbott asked her mother. Olivia had finally convinced her father to take a break from his regular Tuesday tai chiathon by shaking a pom-pom in his face, but her mom wouldn't stop embroidering the living room curtains. "Not quite yet," her mom murmured. "What's taking so long?" Olivia prodded. "It's a daisy," her mom muttered, squinting with concentration, "with twenty petals." Olivia looked at her pink glitter watch to find that less than two minutes had passed since she'd last checked. She felt like she was in a time warp - time had never moved so slowly in her entire life, and yet tomorrow was approaching at a terrifying rate. In fourteen hours and seven minutes, the Franklin Grove Scribe, her school paper, was going to reveal something Olivia had been keeping secret for weeks: on her first day at Franklin Grove Middle School, she had discovered a twin sister she'd never known she had. It wasn't exactly the sort of thing Olivia wanted her adoptive mom and dad to find out from the school paper. She could not put off telling them for another minute, no matter how badly they were going to freak out. "Mom," she said slowly, "I have to talk to you." "Only three more petals," her mom said. Exasperated, Olivia put her hands on