Sanctuary of Roses Prologue (Medieval Herb Garden #2)

Sanctuary of Roses Prologue (Medieval Herb Garden #2)


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Updated date: 11:30:50 12/08/2022

Description "Sanctuary of Roses Prologue (Medieval Herb Garden #2)"

Tricourten Keep England, 1132 "Come, Maddie," Lady Anne of Tricourten urged. "We've only till the end of Seton's watch at the gate." Her voice, usually steady unless she was confronted by her husband Fantin, wavered as she glanced out the arrow-slit window in her solar. Madelyne, though only ten, recognized the fear and desperation in her mother's eyes, and swallowed back her own terror. If her father found them, caught them leaving...nay. She would not allow the thought into her mind. Drawing the heavy cloak about her shoulders, Madelyne caught up its overlong hem and pulled the hood to cover her hair. Anne opened the door of her solar, and, grasping her daughter's smaller hand in her cool one, led the way into the dark corridor. The edges of their rough woolen cloaks brushed silently along the cold stone floor, and the coarse material prickled Madelyne's neck and wrists. A mere torch lit the end of the corridor that began at the stairs descending to the Great Hall, where the sounds of drunken revelry reverberated among the rafters. A great lump formed in the back of Madelyne's throat when they paused at the top of the stair. One more step and they would be in view of anyone who cared to notice two darkly-cloaked figures inching their way down the stone stairs and across the rear of the hall. Her mother's fingers clasped more tightly around hers, hesitating...and then she stepped forward and down.