Scandalous 2 Chapter 1 (Scandalous #2)

Scandalous 2 Chapter 1 (Scandalous #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 13:50:22 11/08/2022

Description "Scandalous 2 Chapter 1 (Scandalous #2)"

JACKJack runs his hands through his hair and sits down hard on the bed. The little cottage in the Caribbean has let him put his life on pause, but the guilt hasn't stopped. It doesn't matter what Abby says, Jack can't help but feel like he ruined her. Abby always had a clear vision of who she was and what she wanted to be, and now that's gone. The future that she'd so carefully planned out crumbled in her hands, and it was his fault. Jack can see it in her eyes at night, when they sit with their feet in the surf. That vacant gaze is all too familiar. Jack remembers having it for so long that the worry lines are etched into his skin. She's drifting, lost, and there's nothing he can do about it. He made her fall.Jack's phone buzzes on the nightstand. His brow pinches as he lifts it to his ear. Glancing back at the bathroom, Jack makes sure the shower is still running so Abby can't hear. As if things weren't difficult already, now there's this."Gus, what'd you find out?""Some of it appears the same as always, but there's something else going on. This is going to fuck up your tour, Jack. They're targeting you this time, not just the art." Gus sounds tense, like the last thing he wanted to do was call Jack and deliver this message.Jack works his jaw, thinking. "Just keep looking. It isn't the same this time.""How do you