Shadowlight (Kyndred #1)

Shadowlight (Kyndred #1)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Description "Shadowlight (Kyndred #1)"

Chapter 1 September 29, 2008 “I don’t understand,” Ellen Farley said, gripping the arms of her chair. “I didn’t pad my résumé. My references are genuine, and I have the experience required for the position. So why am I here?” “Because if you had nothing to hide, you wouldn’t care,” Jessa Bellamy murmured as she watched the disgruntled young woman through an observation panel. “North and Company retains Phoenix, Inc., to perform standard background checks on all their new employees, Ms. Farley.” Caleb Douglas, the intake interviewer who sat with his back to Jessa, kept a perfect blend of sympathy and authority in his tone. “You’re here because they’d like to hire you.” “Oh.” She smiled, relaxing her shoulders. Her frosted pink fingernails, however, remained curled into the armrests. “Then I’ve got the job?” “Almost. I’ll let you get started on these”—he handed Ellen a clipboard with a number of blank forms on it—“while I grab some coffee. Would you like a cup?” “No, thank you.” She took a slim gold pen from her oversize blue leather bag and began filling out the top form. Absently she crossed her ankles, showing off her metallic silver pumps. As soon as Caleb left the room, however, Ellen Farley put the clipboard on his desk, stood, and came over to the panel. Jessa knew that on Ellen’s