Song of Susannah 1st Stanza: Beamquake (The Dark Tower #6)

Song of Susannah 1st Stanza: Beamquake (The Dark Tower #6)


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Description "Song of Susannah 1st Stanza: Beamquake (The Dark Tower #6)"

One "How long will the magic stay?" At first no one answered Roland's question, and so he asked it again, this time looking across the living room of the rectory to where Henchick of the Manni sat with Cantab, who had married one of Henchick's numerous granddaughters. The two men were holding hands, as was the Manni way. The older man had lost a granddaughter that day, but if he grieved, the emotion did not show on his stony, composed face. Next to Roland, holding no one's hand, silent and dreadfully white, sat Eddie Dean. Beside him, cross-legged on the floor, was Jake Chambers. He had pulled Oy into his lap, a thing Roland had never seen before and would not have believed the billy-bumbler would allow. Both Eddie and Jake were splattered with blood. That on Jake's shirt belonged to his friend Benny Slightman. That on Eddie's belonged to Margaret Eisenhart, once Margaret of Redpath, the lost granddaughter of the old patriarch. Both Eddie and Jake looked as tired as Roland felt, but he was quite sure there would be no rest for them this night. Distant, from town, came the sounds of fireworks and singing and celebration. There was no celebration here. Benny and Margaret were dead, and Susannah was gone. "Henchick, tell me, I beg: how long will the magic stay?" The old man stroked his beard