Sophia (Vampires in America #4)

Sophia (Vampires in America #4)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 08:44:25 11/08/2022

Description "Sophia (Vampires in America #4)"

Prologue Malibu, California Raphael was drowning, trapped in a whirlpool of pain and loss . . . so much loss, sucking him down, icy shards swirling, slicing like razors into his soul. He raged at the bonds that held him trapped in this nightmare while his sweet Cyn wept, her tears warm against the skin of his chest, shredding what was left of his heart. The merciless sun forced him to lie dormant while he howled in silence, the voices of his dead children demanding vengeance against those who had destroyed them. Five centuries old and the most powerful vampire on earth . . . and still he could only wait. The hours ticked by, and then the minutes. The sun was still a molten smear on the horizon when he shattered the chains of daylight that held him prisoner. He sat up, his arms circling Cyn, holding her close, pulling her onto his lap and murmuring meaningless words of reassurance. He reached out to his vampires, those still asleep and those just waking, but especially to Duncan who was near enough and strong enough to have felt the biting edge of Raphael’s nightmare. A nightmare that was all too real. Cyn jerked her head up, studying him in the lamplight, her eyes red and swollen, her lovely face streaked with tears. He kissed them away, knowing his own face