Soul Deep (Breeds #5)

Soul Deep (Breeds #5)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:42:49 12/08/2022

Description "Soul Deep (Breeds #5)"

Chapter One Word received from the Feline Breed compound reports that Major Dash Sinclair of theUnited States Army has tested positive as a Wolf Breed. Major Sinclair is the first known Wolf Breed to survive the extermination when word first broke of their creation a year ago. American Military and Science communities are quick to assure the press and government alike that there could be very few of these missing Breeds, and that the odds of such escape were so astronomical at the time, that if there were others, it would indeed be a miracle. Labs around the world that were creating and raising the Wolf Breed soldiers, eradicated their creations on executive order of the head of the Genetics Council, none other than former Vice President, Douglas Finnell. Investigations into the Council members through computers and records seized during a coordinated strike against discovered labs revealed a cruelty and complete lack of human morality in the creation and training of these unique individuals. The atrocities performed by the Genetics Council, their guards and scientists has been labeled by many as one of the most horrific crimes committed against living beings. Operation Indifference was a major strike that crossed international boundaries and borders, and threw light on the depth of moral depravity that created, trained and murdered men women and children who were being trained as killers and advanced soldiers to use against the general population in coming years. A private army