Stefans Diaries: The Ripper Preface (The Vampire Diaries #4)

Stefans Diaries: The Ripper Preface (The Vampire Diaries #4)


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Description "Stefans Diaries: The Ripper Preface (The Vampire Diaries #4)"

  August 1888 How much can change in a year. It's one of those phrases that I've caught in conversation, one that rattles in my mind like a pebble along a road, a vestige of my previous life. Once upon a time, a year was weighty, substantial. It was filled with possibilities: of meeting the love of your life, of having children, of dying. It was a stepping-stone on the path of life - a path that I no longer walk. A year was one thing. Twenty years ago, when my entire world turned upside down, was something else entirely. A year ago, I came to England, a land so steeped in history it makes the prospect of eternity seem less overwhelming. And although the setting had changed, I stayed the same. I still looked like I had the day I turned into a vampire, and the same thoughts - of Katherine, who turned me, of Damon, my brother, of the death and destruction that I could never, ever seem to erase - still haunted my dreams. Time had been steadily galloping forward, but I remained as before, a demon desperate for redemption. If I were a human, I'd be comfortably in middle age by now. I'd have a wife, children, perhaps even a son I'd prepare to take over my family business. Before