Succubus Shadows Chapter 1 (Georgina Kincaid #5)

Succubus Shadows Chapter 1 (Georgina Kincaid #5)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 18:43:38 09/08/2022

Description "Succubus Shadows Chapter 1 (Georgina Kincaid #5)"

  I was drunk. I wasn't entirely sure when it had happened, but I suspected it had occurred around the time my friend Doug had bet me I couldn't take down three vodka gimlets faster than he could. He'd promised to take my weekend shift at work if I won, and I was going to do his stock duty for a week if he won. When we'd finished, it looked like I wasn't going to be working next weekend. "How did you out-drink him?" my friend Hugh wanted to know. "He's twice your size." Through the crowd of people crammed into my condo, I peered at the closed bathroom door, behind which Doug had disappeared. "He had stomach flu this week. I'm guessing that doesn't go so well with vodka." Hugh raised an eyebrow. "Why the fuck would anyone take a bet like that after having the flu?" I shrugged. "Because he's Doug." Hoping Doug would be okay, I scanned the rest of my party with the pleased air of a queen sizing up her kingdom. I'd moved into this place back in July and had been long overdue for a housewarming party. When Halloween had finally rolled around, combining the two events had seemed like a pretty reasonable solution. Consequently, my guests tonight were clad in an array of costumes, everything from elaborate