Sunrise at Sunset Prologue (Sunset Vampire #1)

Sunrise at Sunset Prologue (Sunset Vampire #1)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 22:29:26 09/08/2022

Description "Sunrise at Sunset Prologue (Sunset Vampire #1)"

A Reason to Live The beginning of an end is sometimes just the start of something new. And once in a while, it's the genesis of something wonderful. * * * The clear skies of predawn held the promise of another sunny day for the small community outside of Columbus, Ohio. A beautiful, fair-skinned woman appearing to be in her late twenties stood among the tall grasses of an empty field. Amber Simmons smiled as her green eyes looked with anticipation beyond the line of trees towards the approaching sunrise. It would be her first sunrise in many human lifetimes, and she stood statue-still, gazing hopefully at the sky. She absently ran her fingertips through her short brown hair while contemplating the simplicity of the moment. With her keen hearing, she heard the birds chirping around her and a rooster crowing in the distance. As someone who typically planned things out with meticulous precision, Amber was momentarily amused that she'd merely pulled her car to the side of the road and randomly walked through the woods until arriving there. This will do nicely, she affirmed. In silent homage to her lifelong commitment to structure and order, she recounted what had brought her to that moment. She was a strong-willed person and not prone to depression or morose fixations, but she was at what could be described as a vampire's mid-life