Swallowing Darkness Chapter 1-2 (Merry Gentry #7)

Swallowing Darkness Chapter 1-2 (Merry Gentry #7)


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Description "Swallowing Darkness Chapter 1-2 (Merry Gentry #7)"

Acknowledgments I FEEL LIKE ONE, WHO TREADS ALONE SOME BANQUET HALL DESERTED. WHOSE LIGHTS ARE FLED, WHOSE GARLANDS DEAD, AND ALL BUT HE DEPARTED! From "Oft, in the Stilly Night" By Thomas Moore (National Airs, 1818) To Jonathan, who walks the empty places with me, and turns on the lights as we go. Acknowledgments Darla, who helps my good intentions become reality. Sherry, who is still fighting the fight to organize us artsy types. Merrilee, my agent, who is always ready to put on her armor and go into battle at my side. Shawn, for a friendship that is now old enough to go into a bar by itself and order its own drinks. Charles, who has taught me the joy of a little bit of chaos, and that just because I don't have a detailed plan doesn't mean it can't work out. Pili and Carri, who braved Dragon Con with us. Science fiction author and Army and Air Force veteran Michael Z. Williamson, who volunteered to help with the military bits. All mistakes in that area are mine and mine alone, but his input kept them to a minimum. My writing group, The Alternate Historians: Deborah Millitello, Mark Sumner, Marella Sands, Sharon Shinn, and Tom Drennan. Friends in the trenches.