Sword and Citadel (The Book of the New Sun #0)

Sword and Citadel (The Book of the New Sun #0)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

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Description "Sword and Citadel (The Book of the New Sun #0)"

CHAPTER ONE - MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF CHAINS "IT WAS IN my hair, Severian," Dorcas said. "So I stood under the waterfall in the hot stone room - I don't know if the men's side is arranged in the same way. And every time I stepped out, I could hear them talking about me. They called you the black butcher, and other things I don't want to tell you about." "That's natural enough," I said. "You were probably the first stranger to enter the place in a month, so it's only to be expected that they would chatter about you, and that the few women who knew who you were would be proud of it and perhaps tell some tales. As for me, I'm used to it, and you must have heard such expressions on the way here many times; I know I did." "Yes," she admitted, and sat down on the sill of the embrasure. In the city below, the lamps of the swarming shops were beginning to fill the valley of the Acis with a yellow radiance like the petals of a jonquil, but she did not seem to see them. "Now you understand why the regulations of the guild forbid me from taking a wife - although I will break them for you, as I have told you many times, whenever you want me to." "You mean that it