Taken (The Vampire Legends #2)

Taken (The Vampire Legends #2)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 02:38:50 10/08/2022

Description "Taken (The Vampire Legends #2)"

Chapter One Benji leaned towards Rachel and clasped her warm hands. He worried what she would say when he told her his secret. He wavered, trying to determine if he wanted to tell her the truth about himself, or make something up. He looked into her green eyes and with his free hand, brushed her hair from her face. “Swear again,” Benji said, his voice quivering. “Promise me you won’t tell.” “I swear. I swear,” Rachel replied, staring back at him with her large eyes. Benji took a deep breath and exhaled, closing his eyes for a moment. He had never shared his secret with anybody before, especially not a human, and he was working through an inner struggle, debating how to tell her. He looked around the covered bridge to make sure nobody else was around. He looked back at Rachel, still staring at him, and felt her hand get clammy. He knew she was getting more nervous with each moment of anticipation. “I’ve never told anybody this before,” Benji began. “I hope you will still think of me the same way after I tell you.” He stopped speaking, closed his mouth and swallowed. He felt his voice getting weak. He didn’t want to continue, but knew he had to at this point. “What is it? Just tell