Tales of the Black Widowers Introduction (The Black Widowers #1)

Tales of the Black Widowers Introduction (The Black Widowers #1)


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Description "Tales of the Black Widowers Introduction (The Black Widowers #1)"

To Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine to David Ford and to the Trap-Door Spiders for reasons detailed in the introduction Special Note The erudite copy reader points out that since the stories that follow were written for separate publication in a magazine originally, I identify the continuing characters each time, and do it repetitious-ly. He pointed out several of the more nauseating examples of this and, with reverence for his exalted position, I corrected the matter in accordance with his suggestions. There undoubtedly remain some dozens of repetitions that could bear revision, but I hate to introduce too many changes from the pristine originals. Would you forgive me, then, for permitting them to stay? Introduction Because I have a friendly and personal writing style, readers have a tendency to write to me in a friendly and personal way, asking all kinds of friendly and personal questions. And because I really am what my writing style, such as it is, portrays me to be, I answer those letters. And since I don't have a secretary or any form of assistant whatever, it takes a lot of the time I should be devoting to writing. It is only natural, then, that I have taken to writing introductions to my books in an attempt to answer some of the anticipated questions in advance, thus forestalling some of the letters. For instance, because I write in many fields, I frequently get questions such as these: