Tanners Twelve Swingers (Evan Tanner #3)

Tanners Twelve Swingers (Evan Tanner #3)


Genres: MysteryAdventure

Status: Full

Updated date: 06:21:41 12/08/2022

Description "Tanners Twelve Swingers (Evan Tanner #3)"

Chapter 1 On my third day in Athens I sat at a small square table at the airport cafe watching a sleek Air India jet taxi down the runway, rise abruptly into the air, then break cloud cover and disappear from view. One of the seventy-nine passengers bound for London carried a passport that identified him as Evan Michael Tanner, American. The passport lied. I am Evan Michael Tanner, American, and it was with mixed emotions that I watched my passport wing its way out of my life. Across the table from me, Georgios Melas raised his glass in a silent toast to the departing plane. I lifted my own and sipped ouzo. It tasted like licorice whips on the tongue, like fire in the chest. “You are unhappy,” Georgios said. “Not entirely.” “And on such a magnificent day!” “A cloudy day.” “A few clouds-” “It’s getting cold. I think it’s going to rain.” “Ah, and you worry about Pindaris on the plane. It will land safely in London, do not worry. And Pindaris will be safe in London.” It would have been unworthy to admit that I was worried about Pindaris chiefly in his capacity as custodian of my passport. Pindaris was an intense young Greek from the island of Andros who had