Tanners Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)

Tanners Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)


Genres: MysteryThriller

Status: Full

Updated date: 06:44:02 12/08/2022

Description "Tanners Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)"

Chapter 1 At 2:30 one fine October afternoon I ripped the telephone out of the wall. Minna said, “Evan, you have ripped the telephone out of the wall.” I looked at her. Minna is seven years old and looks like a Lithuanian edition of Alice in Wonderland, all blond and big-eyed, and it is generally a pleasure to look at her. Now, though, something in my glance told her that coexistence was temporarily impossible. “I think I shall go to the park,” she said carefully. “With Mikey.” “Mikey is in school.” “He stayed home today, Evan. It is a Jewish holiday.” Mikey, né Miguel, belonged to no church in particular and was thus free to become an ex-officio member of whatever religious group was staying home from school on any given day. I said something caustic about Mikey and the many paths to divine enlightenment. Minna asked if we had any stale bread, and I told her I couldn’t be expected to keep track of that sort of thing, that kitchen inventories were her problem. She reappeared with three slices of bread for the pigeons. They didn’t look especially stale. “Good afternoon,” she said in Lithuanian. “I forgive you for the intemperance of your mood, and trust you will be better suited to discourse upon my return.” She ducked out the door before I