The Amazons Curse CHAPTER 1 (Atlantis #5)

The Amazons Curse CHAPTER 1 (Atlantis #5)


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Description "The Amazons Curse CHAPTER 1 (Atlantis #5)"

Nola stood in the center of the battle tent, watching as her sisters-by-race lined up. Each shifted eagerly from one foot to the other, clutching their weapon of choice. She spotted several axes, a few spears, but mostly swords.Mating season had officially begun.Soon the females would break into groups, fighting each other for the right to whichever stolen slave they desired. Those slaves, eight in number, were currently chained to the far wall at the end of the spacious enclosure. Three dragon shifters, two centaurs, two male sirens and a vampire. All eight were muscled, beautiful...and all but one was grinning. The vampire.Her vampire. Zane.The men would be bedded this night and for several weeks to come. Then they would be freed, never to return. That was the way of the Amazons. Capture, breed and abandon. Of course the males were happy about this. All but Zane.Zane had dark hair, equally dark eyes and the fiercest temper she'd ever encountered. He didn't like to be touched and had actually injured many Amazons - not an easy feat - in his quest for freedom. Finally, in an effort to tame him, they had stopped feeding him the blood he needed for strength. Now he was physically weakened, only able to lean against the wall and wait for his mistress to be declared.However, nothing could weaken his hatred - or the promised retribution that radiated from him.Nola had met him what seemed an eternity but had actually only been four months ago.