The Billionaires Dance (Billionaire Bachelors #2)

The Billionaires Dance (Billionaire Bachelors #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:12:40 12/08/2022

Description "The Billionaires Dance (Billionaire Bachelors #2)"

Prologue “That’s grandpa’s sweet baby girl,” Joseph whispered as he nuzzled his only granddaughter, Jasmine. She coo’d up at him, while gripping his finger and tugging at his heart. “Now that grandpa got your daddy and mommy married and gave grandpa you as an added bonus for Christmas last year, we have to start working on getting Uncle Alex a wife,” he continued talking, while tickling her tummy. “I love you to pieces, Princess and I want a lot of cousins for you running around the house.” He continued talking to her as if she understood each and every word he was saying. “I sure didn’t get any thanks from your mom and dad for their marriage but of course I’m not looking for a bunch of praise. My boys finding good women and giving me many grandkids to spoil is thanks enough,” he said. He smiled with pure joy while looking at Jasmine. “Of course, a little thank you wouldn’t be so bad,” he muttered quietly. “Well, I guess I’m going a bit off course here, aren’t I? I’ve found the perfect bride for your Uncle Alex and I have a feeling we’ll see a cousin for you in a year or so.” He chuckled as he pictured Alex and Jessica together. Joseph had known Jessica since she was a newborn. He knew she and Alex