The Bite Before Christmas THE GIFT Chapter One (Argeneau #15.5)

The Bite Before Christmas THE GIFT Chapter One (Argeneau #15.5)


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Updated date: 04:02:05 10/08/2022

Description "The Bite Before Christmas THE GIFT Chapter One (Argeneau #15.5)"

THE GIFT Lynsay Sands Chapter One Teddy woke up to find himself burrowed under the covers like a mole dug into the ground . . . and cold, which was unusual. He normally kicked off his blankets rather than burrowed, and he never woke up cold. The heat must have gone off in the night, he realized. Tossing the blankets aside, he sat up and peered around the room. Stark sunlight was pouring through the window. It made it easy to see the cloud of mist that formed in front of his mouth with each exhalation. Oh yeah, the heat was definitely off, he thought with a grimace and quickly slid out of bed. The carpet was cold underfoot as Teddy hurried up the hall. It opened into the main room at the end, a combination living room and kitchen/dining room. The left side was the carpeted living room area with a sofa, two chairs, a fireplace, and entertainment unit. The right side was a tiled kitchen and dining space. Teddy's eyes automatically sought out the digital clock on the stove as he moved to the wall thermostat, but he paused when he saw its blank face. His eyes then shot to the DVD player on the television, but it, too, was blank. Teddy was pretty sure what was wrong, by this point, but couldn't resist flicking on the light