The Bleeding Dusk (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles #3)

The Bleeding Dusk (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles #3)


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Updated date: 12:27:40 12/08/2022

Description "The Bleeding Dusk (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles #3)"

Prologue In Which Max Faces the Vampiress in Her Den The lair of the Queen of the Vampires was tucked away in the snowy mountain range of Muntii Făgăraş. The only reason Maximilian Pesaro had been able to find the hideaway was because of the two bite marks on his neck. Permanent ones left by Lilith herself.They burned and tingled as he approached the entrance to the interior chamber. The throbbing never fully went away, but there were times when it ebbed enough that he could forget about the fact that he was permanently linked to the vampire queen. The back of his neck felt as though a brick of ice rested on it; but it was not because of the winter that blustered outside of the stone-cut chambers in the mountain. The howling winds and blinding snow that came much too early and stayed too long in these Romanian mountains had nothing to do with the chill that burned his neck, and everything to do with the fact that there were vampires nearby. As he was a Venator, it was his way of sensing the presence of the undead. Coming here was foolish and brazen. Max was never foolish, although he had his brazen moments. But after what he’d been through in the last months, he was willing to accept the consequences of this visit. Even if it resulted in his death,