The Deal (Off-Campus #1)

The Deal (Off-Campus #1)


Genres: RomanceNew Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 17:13:45 12/08/2022

Description "The Deal (Off-Campus #1)"

1 Hannah He doesn’t know I’m alive. For the millionth time in forty-five minutes, I sneak a peek in Justin Kohl’s direction, and he’s so beautiful it makes my throat close up. Though I should probably come up with another adjective—my male friends insist that men don’t like being called beautiful. But holy hell, there’s no other way to describe his rugged features and soulful brown eyes. He’s wearing a baseball cap today, but I know what’s beneath it: thick dark hair, the kind that looks silky to the touch and makes you want to run your fingers through it. In the five years since the rape, my heart has pounded for only two guys. The first one dumped me. This one is just oblivious. At the podium in the lecture hall, Professor Tolbert delivers what I’ve come to refer to as the Disappointment Speech. It’s the third one in six weeks. Surprise, surprise, seventy percent of the class got a C-plus or lower on the midterm. Me? I aced it. And I’d be lying if I said the big red A! circled on top of my midterm hadn’t come as a complete shock. All I did was scribble down a never-ending stream of bullshit to try to fill up the booklet. Philosophical Ethics was