The Devil Knows Youre Dead (Matthew Scudder #11)

The Devil Knows Youre Dead (Matthew Scudder #11)


Genres: Mystery

Status: Full

Updated date: 03:58:22 12/08/2022

Description "The Devil Knows Youre Dead (Matthew Scudder #11)"

Chapter 1  On the last Thursday in September, Lisa Holtzmann went shopping on Ninth Avenue. She got back to her apartment between three-thirty and four and made coffee. While it dripped through she replaced a burnt-out light bulb with one she’d just bought, put away her groceries, and read the recipe on the back of a box of Goya lentils. She was sitting at the window with a cup of coffee when the phone rang.  It was Glenn, her husband, calling to tell her he wouldn’t be home until around six-thirty. It was not unusual for him to work late, and he was very good about letting her know when she could expect him. He’d always been thoughtful in this regard, and his solicitousness had increased in the months since she’d lost the baby.  It was almost seven when he walked in the door, seven-thirty when they sat down to dinner. She’d made a lentil stew, enlivening the recipe on the box with garlic, fresh co-riander, and a generous dose of Yucateca hot sauce, and she served it over rice, with a green salad. As they ate they watched the sun go down, watched the sky darken.  Their apartment was in a new high-rise on the southeast corner of Fifty-seventh Street and Tenth Avenue, diagonally across the street from Jimmy Armstrong’s saloon. They lived on the twenty-eighth floor with windows looking south and west, and the