The Forbidden Game: The Chase Chapter 1 (The Forbidden Game #2)

The Forbidden Game: The Chase Chapter 1 (The Forbidden Game #2)


Genres: Young AdultHorror

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Updated date: 21:06:04 09/08/2022

Description "The Forbidden Game: The Chase Chapter 1 (The Forbidden Game #2)"

  It wasn't so much the hunting. It was the killing. That was what brought Gordie Wilson out to the Santa Ana foothills on a sunny May morning like this. That was why he was cutting school even though he wasn't sure he'd get away with forging his morals signature on another readmit. It wasn't the wild-flower-splashed hills, the sky blue lupines, or the fragrant purple sage. It was the wet, plopping sound when lead met flesh. The kill. Gordie preferred big game, but rabbits were always available-if you knew how to dodge the rangers. He'd never been caught yet. He'd always liked killing. When he was seven, he'd gotten robins and starlings with his BB gun. When he was nine, it had been ground squirrels with a shotgun. Twelve, and his dad took him on a real hunting trip, going after white-tailed deer with an old .243 Winchester. That had been so special. But then, every kill was special. It was like his dad said: "Good hunts never end." Every night in bed Gordie thought about the very best ones, remembering the stalking, the shooting, the electric moment of death. He even hunted in his dreams. For one instant, as he made his way along the dry creek bed, a memory flickered at him, like a little tongue of flame. A nightmare. Just once Gordie had