The Hero (Thunder Point #3)

The Hero (Thunder Point #3)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 11:33:38 11/08/2022

Description "The Hero (Thunder Point #3)"

One Devon McAllister walked down a tree-lined back road, not really sure where she was but certain that she was far away from the family compound. She felt safe enough that she no longer took cover when she heard a vehicle approach. She’d been walking for at least eight hours and saw the first rays of light coming over the mountains behind her. This reassured her that she was traveling west, toward the coast. She carried her three-year-old daughter, Mercy, and a backpack stuffed with a few items of clothing and forty dollars that had been given to her by the kindhearted stranger who had given her a ride. She was exhausted but would not stop to rest until she reached Highway 101. Every so often she would put Mercy down and hold her hand, but that made the walking unbearably slow. When she heard a vehicle, she just kept her head down, staring at the ground. It was a truck—it drove past them, but then it stopped up ahead. It was cranberry-red and old, but in mint condition. A man got out and yelled to her. “Miss? Need a ride?” She walked toward the vehicle. “Am I close to Highway 101?” she asked. “I’m going that way. I’m on my way to work,” he said. “I can give you a lift.” He was an older guy. He wore a