The Long Hot Summer Chapter One (The Blackstones of Virgina #1)

The Long Hot Summer Chapter One (The Blackstones of Virgina #1)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 18:19:55 09/08/2022

Description "The Long Hot Summer Chapter One (The Blackstones of Virgina #1)"

  "Who the hell are you?" Startled by the voice below where she stood on a stepladder hanging a colorful border of zoo animals above a corkboard - a booming voice sounding as if it had come from the bowels of the earth - Kelly Andrews lost her balance and fell backward. Her fall was halted as she found herself cushioned against the solid chest of the man who had silently entered the schoolhouse. A swooshing rush of breath escaped her parted lips at the same time her eyes widened in surprise. Glaring down at her under lowered lids was the man who was her tormentor and rescuer. There was no doubt he was a Blackstone. The angular, raw-boned face was the same as Sheldon Blackstone's. His eyes were gray, not the silvery sparkling shade of his father's, but a dark gray that reminded Kelly of a wintry sky before a snowstorm. She wondered which Blackstone son he was - Jeremy the DEA agent or Ryan the veterinarian. Whoever he was, the black stubble on his jaw made him look formidable. Her startled gaze settled on his sensual full lower lip, wondering if it ever softened in a spontaneous smile. Ryan Blackstone's expression mirrored that of the woman in his arms: shock. He'd just returned to Virginia and Blackstone Farms from the Tuskegee University of Veterinary Medicine where he'd taught