The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls #1)

The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls #1)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

Status: Full

Updated date: 17:54:07 11/08/2022

Description "The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls #1)"

Chapter 1 There’s no electricity, no humming on my skin. But standing in the field beside him, I feel electrified, like the lightning flashing across the cloudy sky. “This is silly.” I frown at Alex and pout out my lip. “We’ve been trying for weeks and I still can’t get it right.” A crooked smile plays at his lips. His green eyes shine lustrously. His dark brown hair is a mess all over his head and dangles in his eyes. “You’ll get there. Practice makes perfect, right?” He saunters behind me and leans his head over my shoulder. “If you want to break into the City of Crystal, to get your dad back, you’ll have to be able to protect yourself. Dyvinius and the Foreseers aren’t going to go down without a fight.” I square my shoulders and summon some determination. The wind tangles my brown hair and Alex sweeps it to the side. Clutching the knife, I aim the blade at the target mounted on the tree. “Breathe,” he whispers. “And focus.” Releasing a breath, I flip the knife through the air toward the target. It flies like a dart, but stops several feet short of the tree, curving down and stabbing into the grass. “You’ll get it.” Alex lets out a breath. “You want to practice using the sword instead?” I tilt