The Mighty Storm (The Storm #1)

The Mighty Storm (The Storm #1)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 10:49:28 12/08/2022

Description "The Mighty Storm (The Storm #1)"

Chapter One I pick my ringing phone up just as I’m sitting down at my desk, taking a quick sip of my first coffee of the day. “Trudy Bennett.” “Tru, it’s Vicky, get your cute little butt in my office asap, I need a word.” “Okay, gimme five.” I hang the phone up. Vicky is my boss and owner of the magazine I work for – Etiquette. I’m a music journalist. Etiquette is … well it’s a fashion magazine. So in essence, I’m a music journo that works for a fashion magazine. It was the first and only writing job I could land after finishing university. I majored in Popular Music Journalism. The two loves of my life always were, and still are, music and writing, in that order – so it was a no brainer for me what I wanted to do when looking at university courses after I finished sixth form. This job was meant to be a filler until I could get a writing job working for somewhere like NME or Rolling Stone, but six years later and I’m still here. My job at Etiquette is to write up reviews on new album releases, talk about popular bands and singers, and also do the odd interview, that type of thing. I’m a