The Royal Pain (Alaskan Royal Family #2)

The Royal Pain (Alaskan Royal Family #2)


Genres: RomanceHumorous

Status: Full

Updated date: 23:56:15 09/08/2022

Description "The Royal Pain (Alaskan Royal Family #2)"

Prologue The Sitka Palace 2:32 A.M. "Nicky,get down !" Alexandria's father roared, and her little brother dropped like a rock and rolled away. There was no mistaking the command in that yell; she nearly fell to the carpet herself. There was a sound, some odd sound she should have recognized but did not, and suddenly her father was staring at the two small, feathered darts sticking out of his chest. He stared… (What story tonight, Alex?) ... they all stared… (No, hon, that one gives you nightmares.) … it was all happening so fast… (There's nothing to be afraid of.) ... and then her father… (We're going to be all right now.) … her father… (There's no such thing as monsters.) ... slowly folded to the floor. She heard another sound—the flat, smacking sound of metal hitting flesh—but she was too busy looking around, looking around for… There. "Not's'fast without y'r pea shooter, eh?" she heard someone, Kurt? David? slur. "Y—you have to come with me, Prince Nicholas," the monster said. He was reaching for her little brother, actuallydaring toreach for her brother after the gross assault upon her father. "Your place is with