The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family #1)

The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family #1)


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Description "The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family #1)"

Prologue From The Queen of the Edge of the World, by Edmund Dante III, © 2089, Harper Zebra and Schuster Publications. Even today, with all the comforts of a peaceful twenty-first century, Alaskans are a hardy group, and none more so than the royal family. There's a saying in this part of the world: Alaskan royals wrestle bears, but only after tea. This hardiness was vital for a young vast country. Alaskans had to be tough, not only to break from Mother Russia in 1863, but to then go on and form their own government. It could not have been easy, but the royal family rose to the occasion. It's precisely this hardiness that occasionally causes trouble. Queen Christina's father-in-law, King Alexander II, was no exception. Historical records confirm King Alexander adored his daughter-in-law from the moment he set eyes on her. With characteristic impulsiveness, he decided this tough, uncompromising commoner would be perfect for his son, the Crown Prince David. Of course, convincing His Highness the Prince, not to mention the woman who would eventually become the mother of kings, was no simple matter. . . . * * * PART ONE Nobody really knows me, and I don't really know anybody. But that's okay. —Christina Krabbe * * * Chapter