The Secret Circle: The Captive Chapter One (The Secret Circle #2)

The Secret Circle: The Captive Chapter One (The Secret Circle #2)


Genres: FantasyRomance

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Updated date: 21:12:45 09/08/2022

Description "The Secret Circle: The Captive Chapter One (The Secret Circle #2)"

  Fire, Cassie thought. All around her she saw blazing autumn colors. The yellow-orange of sugar maple, the brilliant red of sassafras, the crimson of sumac bushes. It was as if the entire world was flaming with Faye's element. And I'm trapped in the middle of it. The sick feeling in the pit of Cassie's stomach got worse with every step she took down Crowhaven Road. The yellow Victorian house at the bottom of the road looked as pretty as ever. Sunlight was striking rainbow sparks off a prism that hung in the highest tower window. A girl with long, light-brown hair called out from the porch. "Hurry up, Cassie! You're late!" "Sorry," Cassie called back, trying to hurry when what she really wanted to do was turn around and run the other way. She had the sudden, inexplicable conviction that her private thoughts must show in her face. Laurel would take one look at her and know all about what had happened with Adam last night, and all about the bargain with Faye. But Laurel just grabbed her by the waist and hustled her inside and upstairs to Diana's bedroom. Diana was standing in front of the large walnut cabinet; Melanie was sitting on the bed. Sean was perched uneasily in the window seat, rubbing his knees with his palms. Adam was standing