The Secret Circle: The Divide Chapter 1 (The Secret Circle #4)

The Secret Circle: The Divide Chapter 1 (The Secret Circle #4)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

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Updated date: 21:10:18 09/08/2022

Description "The Secret Circle: The Divide Chapter 1 (The Secret Circle #4)"

  Adam's car windows were foggy with the heat of their breath. It was a balmy night at dusk, and the air was scented with early signs of spring - a perfect night to roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze while they kissed. But Cassie insisted the windows stay closed, for privacy. Besides, she liked the feeling of being cocooned in such close quarters with Adam, insulated from the outside world by the steamy glass. They were going to be late for their meeting, but inside this cloud, she didn't care. "We should go in," she said halfheartedly. "Just five more minutes. It's not like they can start without you." Right, Cassie thought, because I'm a leader. All the more reason not to be late because I'm making out with my boyfriend. Boyfriend. The notion still made her giddy, even after all these weeks. She watched the way the setting sun brought out the multicolored highlights in Adam's tangled hair - shades of burgundy and orange - and the crystal ine sparkle in his blue eyes. He leaned in and softly kissed that spot on the side of Cassie's neck just below her ear. "Fine," she said. "Three more minutes." Their first kiss as a couple had changed everything for Cassie. It meant something. Adam's lips