The Secret Circle: The Initiation Chapter One (The Secret Circle #1)

The Secret Circle: The Initiation Chapter One (The Secret Circle #1)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

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Description "The Secret Circle: The Initiation Chapter One (The Secret Circle #1)"

  It wasn't supposed to be this hot and humid on Cape Cod. Cassie had seen it in the guidebook; everything was supposed to be perfect here, like Camelot. Except, the guidebook added absently, for the poison ivy, and ticks, and green flies, and toxic shellfish, and undercurrents in seemingly peaceful water. The book had also warned against hiking out on narrow peninsulas because high tide could come along and strand you. But just at this moment Cassie would have given anything to be stranded on some peninsula jutting far out into the Atlantic Ocean - as long as Portia Bain-bridge was on the other side. Cassie had never been so miserable in her life. "... and my other brother, the one on the MIT debate team, the one who went to the World Debate Tournament in Scotland two years ago..." Portia was saying. Cassie felt her eyes glaze over again and slipped back into her wretched trance. Both of Portia's brothers went to MIT and were frighteningly accomplished, not only at intellectual pursuits but also at athletics. Portia was frighteningly accomplished herself, even though she was only going to be a junior in high school this year, like Cassie. And since Portia's favorite subject was Portia, she'd spent most of the last month telling Cassie all about it. "... and then after I placed fifth in extemporaneous speaking at