The Secret Circle: The Power Chapter One (The Secret Circle #3)

The Secret Circle: The Power Chapter One (The Secret Circle #3)


Genres: FantasyYoung Adult

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Updated date: 21:11:28 09/08/2022

Description "The Secret Circle: The Power Chapter One (The Secret Circle #3)"

  "Diana, I have a little surprise for you," Faye said. Diana's emerald eyes, with their thick sooty lashes, were swimming already. She still hadn't recovered from the shocks of tonight, and her face was strained as she stared at Faye. Well, there was worse to come. Now that it was finally going to happen, Cassie felt a curious sense of freedom. No more hiding, no more lying and evading. The nightmare was here at last. "I suppose I should have told you before, but I didn't want to upset you," Faye was saying. Her eyes burned golden with a savage inner fire. Adam, who wasn't stupid, glanced from Cassie to Faye and obviously came to a quick, if shattering, conclusion. He swiftly cupped a hand under Diana's elbow. "Whatever it is can wait," he said. "Cassie ought to go and see her mother, and - " "No, it can't wait, Adam Conant," Faye interrupted. "It's time Diana found out what sort of people she has around her." Faye whirled to face Diana again, her pale skin glowing with strange elation against the midnight-dark mane of her hair. "The ones you've chosen," she said to her cousin. "Your dearest friend - and him. The incorruptible Sir Adam. Do you want to know the reason you couldn't make it as leader? Do you want to