The Subtle Knife Chapter One (His Dark Materials #2)

The Subtle Knife Chapter One (His Dark Materials #2)


Genres: MysteryFantasy

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Description "The Subtle Knife Chapter One (His Dark Materials #2)"

  Chapter One The Cat And The Hornbeam Trees Will tugged at his mother's hand and said, "Come on, come on..." But his mother hung back. She was still afraid. Will looked up and down the narrow street in the evening light, along the little terrace of houses, each behind its tiny garden and its box hedge, with the sun glaring off the windows of one side and leaving the other in shadow. There wasn't much time. People would be having their meal about now, and soon there would be other children around, to stare and comment and notice. It was dangerous to wait, but all he could do was persuade her, as usual... "Mum, let's go in and see Mrs. Cooper," he said. "Look, we're nearly there." "Mrs. Cooper?" she said doubtfully. But he was already ringing the bell. He had to put down the bag to do it, because his other hand still held his mother's. It might have bothered him at twelve years of age to be seen holding his mother's hand, but he knew what would happen to her if he didn't. The door opened, and there was the stooped elderly figure of the piano teacher, with the scent of lavender water about her as he remembered. "Who's that? Is that William?" the old lady said. "I