The Sword Of Bedwyr Chapter 1 ETHANS DOUBTS (Crimson Shadow #1)

The Sword Of Bedwyr Chapter 1 ETHANS DOUBTS (Crimson Shadow #1)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

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Updated date: 07:48:10 12/08/2022

Description "The Sword Of Bedwyr Chapter 1 ETHANS DOUBTS (Crimson Shadow #1)"

Ethan Bedwyr, eldest son of the Eorl of Bedwydrin, stood tall on the balcony of the great house in Dun Varna, watch-ing as the two-masted, black-sailed ship lazily glided into the harbor. The proud man wore a frown even before the ex-pected standard, crossed open palms above a bloodshot eye, came into view. Only ships of the king or the barbarians to the northeast would sail openly upon the dark and cold wa-ters of the Dorsal Sea, so named for the eerie black fins of the flesh-eating whales that roamed the waters in ravenous packs, and barbarians did not sail alone. A second standard--a strong arm, bent at the elbow and holding a miner's pick--soon appeared. "Visitors?" came a question from behind. Recognizing the voice as his father's, Ethan did not turn. "Flying the duke of Montfort's pennant," he answered, and his disdain was obvious. Gahris Bedwyr moved to the balcony beside his son and Ethan winced when he looked upon the man, who appeared proud and strong, as Ethan distantly remembered him. With the light of the rising sun in his face, Gahris's cinnamon eyes shone brightly, and the stiff ocean breeze blew his thick shock of silvery white hair back from his ruddy, creased face, a face that had weathered under the sun during count-less hours in small fishing craft out on the dangerous Dorsal. Gahris was as tall as Ethan, and that was taller than most men on Isle Bedwydrin, who in