The Tycoons Proposal (Baby for the Billionaire #3)

The Tycoons Proposal (Baby for the Billionaire #3)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:13:28 12/08/2022

Description "The Tycoons Proposal (Baby for the Billionaire #3)"

Prologue Ryan Titan looked around at his empty home with satisfaction. He’d watched his two cousins settle down over the last couple of years, going from Seattle’s most eligible bachelors to happily married men and now he was left feeling like he was missing something. His cousins, Derek and Drew were far more like brothers to him than cousins. They’d been raised next to each other and gone from poverty level to billionaire status together. They’d each done separate things in the business world but were by each another’s sides as they climbed to the top of the world’s richest ranks. Ryan felt a bit excluded; as he watched his cousins find their true loves, leaving him behind for once. He was always welcome in their homes but now it was different. He was actually filled with envy as he watched them with their families. There he stood in a new house without furniture. He shook his head as he wandered around the rooms, his steps echoing off the bare walls. He heard a knock at the door and heard it opening. “Ryan, where are you?” “I’m coming,” he called back, as he heard the voice of his nephew. Jacob rounded the corner and the breath was pushed out of Ryan’s body, as his thirteen year old nephew hurled himself into his arms. “This place is great,